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This is where you tell the story of your brand. Iconic brands such as Disney and Coca-Cola have long realized the power of their brand story to build a connection with their audience. Companies like Apple possess brand stories that are legendary in their status.

What’s in a story, though? How does the story develop authenticity? More to the point, how does such a story create that trusting feeling that customers crave?

Long Service Life, Dependable Hardware

Keith Black engine blocks use proprietary design main studs developed in partnership with ARP, 8740 heat treated chrome moly with class 3 rolled threads and includes a register for its matching main cap pair.  

Main studs are bottoming studs which evenly distribute across the full thread instead of creating localized stress risers at cap mating surface and parting line. Internal block threads are thread formed to class 3 specification for ultimate accuracy, strength and service life. 

KB utilizes the largest stud size of any aftermarket block to produce massive clamp loads. 

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